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Interns Programme 2015 Just launched! Apply now for 2015 Internships- 1, 3 or 6 months 2015
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Keynote SpeakersKeynote Speakers (Photos by AA Photographic)
 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Keynote Speakers
 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Keynote Speakers
 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Our team of young Green Economists enjoying our Education Programmes and PhDs and Masters in Green Economics. Education with the Green Economics Institute. Our 2015 Programmes are about to be posted here. Watch this space.
Education with the Green Economics Institute
PhDs and Doctorates Programme with The Green Economics Institute start in January 2015. Apply now
Books Our lovely new range of booksOur lovely new range of books VISIT OUR BOOKSLovely Books October 2014
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 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Pictured here Minister of Environment Sweden with our Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty book
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International Award Winning Training Courses:Programme 2008-2009

We offer an exciting range of training courses:

Introduction to Green Economics May 16th 2009 Oxford

Lower Carbon Economics Workshop May 2009 Oxford

In house company one day training on Sustainable Development. Anytime please email for details

In house company one day training on Green Economics.Anytime, please email for details

Green Economics Institute, weekend course in Green Economics, Brussels Rue D 'Elinburgh March 2009

Brussels University Masters level course spring 2009

Renewables Courses, please email for details.

In house company Environmental Economics, Please email for details

In house company Green Procurement and or Green IT.Please email for details.

Masters Level Tuition and classes Campinas University Brazil Spring 2009

Masters Level Tuition Green Economics Nigeria Summer 2009

Polytechnique lecturing Paris France Autumn 2008

International Labour Organisation,Turin Italy January 2009

Advanced Green Economics for Economists Oxford Spring 2009 May

Introduction to Green Economics in China Beijing or Shantou November 22nd 2008 Miriam Kennet

Green Economics Weekend Training for Young People, and Older People, Berlin 12th - 14th December 2008

Greening of Procurement with Directors of DEFRA UK Government Department Oxford May 2009

Masters Level Green Economics - in development -Oxford and Cambridge, Please register interest

PHD supervision - in development please register interest

Green Economics Workshop, Frankfurt am Main Germany Summer 2009

Green Economics Workshop, Leipzig Germany Summer 2009

Masters Level Dissertation Supervision, Please email for detailsof current programme 2008

In house training courses for government -Highest levels, currently training the Treasury

Regional Development Authorities, Green Economics and Sustainable Development Training.Please contact us for dates

Green Economics, Energy and Climate Change

Green and Environmental Economics Methodology

Social Justice and Green Economics Courses

Biodiversity and Green Economics Courses

Macro Economics and Green Economics and International Trade

Micro Economics and Green Economics

Local Authority in house Sustainable Development Training. Please contact us for details and dates

Womens Economics and Acess to Economics, November 29th 2008 Oxford

Green Economics Retreat and Well Being Glastonbury October 24th - 26th 2008

For more details about all the above, or to book a place, please email us Email:

Some of our Recent courses/training include: Frankfurt am Oder European Greens Summer University, Bath University Introduction to Green Economics Masters Level, we have several students doing Masters Dissertations with us, The Government Civil Service Training School, Sustainable Development at the UK Cabinet Office,The UK Government at the Admiralty Arch, the Higher Education Academy courses Introduction to Green Economics and Advanced Green Economics at Oxford University, workshop at London University School of African and Oriental Studies, Resurgence Summer Camp Workshop Introduction to Green Economics.Introduction to Green Economics at Yorkshire Forward The largest Regional Development Authority in the UK

. Miriam Kennet Green Economics Institute September 2008


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