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Students Placements Programmes 2016 Just launched!
Students Placements Programmes 2016 Just launched! Apply now for 2017 Study Placements- 1, 3 or 6 months 2015
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 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Keynote Speakers
 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Keynote Speakers
 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Our team of young Green Economists enjoying our Education Programmes and PhDs and Masters in Green Economics. Education with the Green Economics Institute.
Education with the Green Economics Institute
PhDs and Doctorates Programme with The Green Economics Institute 2017. Apply now
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 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Pictured here Minister of Environment Sweden with our Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty book
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Internships with The Green Economics Institute- The best

We offer one of the best Internships around, giving our students opportunities they can usually only dream of. We aim to make their professional dreams come true and this year are very pleased to have got 2 students places at Oxford University Environmental Change and Management Masters course and we currently have 3 embarked on the UK government fast track economics services and one acting as liason between the Chinese and UK government.

We run an Interns College of current and previous interns and they meet once a year at Oxford University at our annual conference in July and are headed up by Sophie Henstridge Director of our Interns College. Each intern and previous intern then presents to participants at the conference about their own career aspirations and all participants then offer to help them in any way they can as a special interns college day. Photos from last years day can be seen on this website.

All our students find it easy to get jobs after doing their internships and in several cases we can get them jobs directly. We offer effective references to all students who work hard and apply themselves to the work, all our onward referals have resulted in successful placements. At this time where students and young people are finding work difficult to obtain our sucess record is second to none.

We look for attitude and committment most of all- multi cultural, multi disciplinary,multi interest, tolerance, caring for others, bright and inquisitive students. Our students come from all parts of the world, last year we had 5 from all parts of Africa and from Europe and from the Americas including South America. We have no hesitation in promoting excellent interns and one has become a director, and several have become editors of academic journals, and most have published in academic journals and many have written in peer reviewed books and journal articles. Most will publish at least in a magazine, and nearly 100 per cent will speak at a university and provide training to others, mostly abroad and out of their mother tongue where relevant.

The biggest factor is gaining in experience, huge enhancement of cv and confidence and gaining a unique and supportive international career network for life.Most students meet and interact with their professional and academic inspirations. Many speak in parliaments and many find new skills in addition to those they already had.

Recent new skills interns from our interns college aquired included - running a radio show, being interviewed on African TV, publising in books, publishing in journals, public speaking to 500 people, producing excellent power point presentations, getting offers for Phds with Nobel Prize winners etc.

Internships with the Green Economics Institute are the envy of many other students."An Internship with the Green Economics Institute is surely the very best in the world ..." said one our very talented interns."All my friends are jealous as we get treated so well and achieve so much. Its so exciting."

We offer our students a complete experience in each of our four pillars- economics-academic- campaigning and policy. We offer them an to opportunity to run, lecture or present at Oxford University or other university and to help present political and other speeches in parliaments/ campaigning activity/ business activity around the world.

We take all our interns out on trips usually from day one. One has been to the french senat, one to the oxford union, one to the austrian parliament - and to help write and run the speeches we make and to meet the people there. We involve most of our interns in speaking or lecturing at Oxford or Cambridge University or Bristol or other interesting place and our network of doers and opinon makers means that people you only dreamed of meeting are well within grasp.

One latest intern met with Professors from exactly the field he wanted to apply to at Cambridge, our latest one has been with us to speak at London University SOAS, Slubice Poland University, Frankfurt am Oder University and in a field in the Uk ran a workshop at a Resurgence Schumacher event, as well as participating in the new Stern Report on Biodiversity.

Our interns go on to the most illustrious careers- our french intern got a place at the Polytechnique in Paris- the very top of the french education system - and the next one was inundated with job offers when she left us -but she is still working with us and substantially supplementing her income. We have published all our interns work -so that interns receive their first citations which can be used for the start of a career for writing academiia or politics and campaigning.

Most of all Interns have a sound footing on which to base a career and they become part of our interns college which meets annually to support their career and to provide effective peer mentoring.

We design the programme around the student and their career aspirations as they evolve whilst they are with us- and very often they change during the internship and become more focused.

We require our Interns to be curious, investigative, positive in outlook cheerful and questioning and enthusiastic and excited by the very special oppportunities we are able to give them, and self motivated, honest and communicative and tenacious. We also like team players who like people and will help others and are concerned about poverty, and biodiversity loss as well as social and environmental justice, and also with an international outlook and if possible speaking several languages

We like multicultural interns and value speaking a foreign language and an interest in the world around.Our interns so far have come from Korea, Poland, France, Italy, Turkey, Tunisia and Brussels and the UK, Oxford and Cambridge University, The Netherlands, Liverpool, and Kings College London, and some are last year at school and some are Undergraduates and some are post graduates- Masters Level or Phd. Subjects being studied include Environmental Science, Geography, Agronomy, Economics, Business, European Studies, International Finance. Social issues and international development,Philosophy,Procurement and Supply Chain, International History and Politics, Environmental Economics.

We ask each intern to do half academic or research work which we supervise closely and require a piece of writing as an outcome, and also half administrative or other support to help the institute itself with its work and further its aim.

We require each intern to choose an academic project for investigation, but also we require each intern to do an Interns Report describing the internship and its activities. aims purpose and outcomes with pictures which we will put on our website.

We are always pleased to receive applications and we value our interns incredibly highly,.We ask for committment and enthousiasm and dilligence and most of them say its changed their lives and they really really enjoy it. Please dont be afraid to apply- We are starting a new Interns College, run by Cambridge student Sophie Henstridge who has just been though a very sucessful internship herself. The college is for all those exciting young people- (and not so young- we do take people who are changing career or who are interested in our work,) who have been through the programme, and who will support each other going forward throughout their lives and their careers. We also have several structures for the programme - some people are full time, others are longer term part time or work remotely. Please contact us to find out the best model for you

Terms of the Internship and Practical Information

We look forward to receiving applications -on email apply, we prefer a covering letter- showing your interests, and why you want to do the internship, and how its relevant to you, and what you feel you can offer the institute, and also a very short CV so we can see what you have done before. Please also mention how you will make domestic arrangements for accomodation and food, whilst you are with us. We are based in Oxford and Reading. We also ask each intern to obtain a card for the Bodleian Library in Oxford.

We do not expect interns to come into the office every day-but we do require it when we have events or other work to prepare. We ask that you bring your own laptop to work on. We will also require you to sign an agreement for undertaking the work and to make sure you have full insurance as required. We need interns who can work independently and as part of a team and who enjoy changing the world and meeting people and are happy to muck in with what ever exciting project we are working on. Our interns spend half their time on their own development and half their time contributing to the development of the Institute as required when they are with us.

We also require that you take reasonable care for your own health and safety whilst you are with us by ensuring that you comply with any health and safety information or requests. We have full disabled access-and please advise us of any health needs you may have, and are trained in special needs and are inclusive aiming for full participation of all groups in society.


Many thanks for your application to be an intern this year with our Not for Profit Business and our Charitable Trust and our Conferences,Speakers, Events, Journals, Policy Briefings for Government and Books which make up the Green Economics Institute and which have spread green economics right round the world.

We have a regular interns programme to work on our Green Economics Institute projects

. In order to plan we ask you to help us do this by filling in this form and emailing to us

Please can you fill in this form so that we can plan for the Interns Programme this year and send it back to us as you have been successful in your application for suitability so we need to sort out the practical details to ensure it will work.

We require all interns to share a part of running the institute, or its publications, its speaking events and its event organisation whilst receiving excellent supervision, formal tutorials and learning.

All of you will be able to publish and lecture and meet exciting people from the field of politics, academia and NGOs and agencies and business according to your interests but we ask that you give as much as you gain and this is very important to our team. We also ask that you work hard and are available for meetings in the office, but we dont ask you to work based in the office.

This form is to establish when you are free, if the practical aspects such as accommodation can be sorted out and what you will be contributing and what you hope to gain.

Please email this form back to me and ensure its in .odt ( open source) or .doc ( word) otherwise we cant open it

. Many thanks

Miriam Kennet

Interns Application Form

Building our innovative Team !

Dont write more than a couple of lines for any of these-

and dont fill all the sections in

Its just so we can see which work to allocate to you and what you like doing and to ensure we have a spread of skills and interests in the team

Dont spend more than 30 minutes filling this in!

The form is confidential.

1 Name

2 Phone number

3 Email address

4a Main subject you are studying / University where you are studying and country

4b Dates when you are available

4c Where are you based ?

4d Do you need a work permit or visa? please advise as it can delay starting if its not organised -so let us know what you need

4e Do you have a grant or scholarship ? Please state which one? Or other financial assistance ?Are you self funding ?

5 Elements of your courses you are taking eg macro economics environmental science social theory climate science ?

6 Previous work experience

7 Previous studying

8 Level of knowledge of green issues

9 Level of knowledge of economics or business or development issues etc?

10 What you can offer the institute

11 What the institute can offer you

12 We work part time and we dont expect you to come in every day- but can you work from home or near by and attend meetings at the Institute?

13a For the following you only need to do one or two of these- as we will allocate one or two interns to each event: Can you help during July 2010 at Oxford University at our annual conference and ideally4- 8 weeks before

13b Can you help in April or May or June in Italy 2010 on several of our events and training courses?

13c Glastonbury Retreat November 1st -7th 2010

13d We will be running events in Egypt and Geneva, Armenia, Norway and Spain, Turkey, Wales over the year -would you like to help with any of these?

14 Can you run conference or event bookings or keep our spreadsheet of bookings -as we specifically need some interns to do this for us? Do you have experience of running events?Please give details

15 Can you write articles?

16 Can you review articles for our academic journal

17 Can you edit journals and help with filing the articles as a legal record of copyright and other documents

18 Would you like to develop our publishing and liase with publishers and run our publishing programme ?visit the Frankfurt book fair with us in October 2010

19 Can you lecture ? Would you like to learn ?

20 Can you give speeches- would you like to learn as we have speaking engagements all over the world

21 Can you set up new branches and contacts in other countries?which ones

22 We need help with advertising PR and marketing ? Can you help us with that ?

23 Writing and policy development- we are writing books, briefings papers and government policy and need interns to work on that. Would that interest you?

24 We are writing and defining green accounting, Green IT and green procurement - please advise if these are your field

25 We need lots of economists and scientists to develop our models of what is green economics. Can you help with this?

26 We need climate change, wind renewable energy economists, can you help with this and would you like to attend COP16 climate conference in Mexico?

27 We need social scientists, poverty development and womens unequal pay etc specialists

27b We work advising governments- would this work appeal to you? We also lecture in campaigning organisations - sometimes outside camping- which style appeals to you?

28 We need philosophers and people who can rework theories- does that appeal ?

29 We need biodiversity and biologists Can you help us develop an economics of biodiversity loss?

30 a We need people to work on our books ? We need people to work on our gender work on womens unequal pay and poverty

30 There may well be other things you wish to offer Please describe them here. Please put here if you can help with music at our events

31 We need fund raisers and people who can do grant applications and who want to go on and run charities in the future ? As we have a trust -? does that appeal to you

32 We need people to set up our green economics institute Masters Courses and our accreditation schemes- do you like creating and running processes?

33 We need specialists on conceptualising innovative solutions to the credit crunch and new financial architectures. Does this appeal to you ?

34 We need business specialists or interns who are studying this and we need institutional agency specialists or interns who are studying this

35 What would you like to get out of the internship in particular so we ensure we can provide it and focus on it

36 Equal opportunities Do you consider yourself from an ethnic minority in your country, or refugee? Do you have special needs ?please explain Do you have health requirements?

37 Do you have a driving license Do you have any police record?Have you ever been arrested? Have you ever been charged with an offence ? Have you ever beeen declared bankrupt? Do you have any mental or physical conditions that affect others in the team or those around you ?

37b Have you lived, worked or studied in more than one country?

38 Can you read write or speak more than one language-please give details? As we find this extremely useful 39 Would you consider your interests multidisciplinary ? If so please explain

40 We try to have a balance of gender, age, geographical spread and developed and less developed countries and Eastern and western Europe. Please help us by giving us an idea of your experience in this.

41 IT skills- can you provide details of your skills or interests on web, excel, powerpoint word, open source etc

42 Do you prefer people?( some of our work is networking and some of our work is very theoretical ) or do you prefer writing - theory etc ?

44 What sort of things would you like to be doing 20 years from now? What contribution would you like to make to the world ?

45 Each year we take a small number of people who are under 18 during the month of July Conference period- to help with our annual conference. It is important that terms and conditions are agreed formally for insurance and safety If you are under 18: please explain conditions under which you come- is it via school, is it for work experience?

45 If you are coming as part of a or college or scholarship programme, can you explain forms, and insurances that the Green Economics Institute will need to sign - if possible please attach them here. Please explain if you are coming as part of scholarship or other programme

If you are at university, please explain how the internship is part of or contributes to your course formally. Please attach formal course requirements to your application. Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to fill this in We dont expect anyone to have all the above - so dont worry -just let us know which apply to you and which you enjoy and then we can allocate you to the right projects.

Please send this back as soon as you can as we are working on allocating resources at the moment and am looking at applications.

Miriam Kennet January 2010


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