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In association with Mansfield College, Oxford University, Oxford, Pluto Press Publishers, Inderscience Publishers of academic journals,Zed Books, Green Economics Institute presents

Oxford University 2 day Green Economics Conference

International innovations in achieving the complex mesh of Global Environmental and Social Justice and Sustainability 3rd 4th April 2007 at Mansfield College, Oxford University, UK

Green Economics Conference Oxford University

Tuesday 3rd/4th April 2007; Green Economics

Wednesday 4th April 2007:Green Economics Institute Annual Oxford University Conference Sessions Speakers included :

Economics and political economy Dr Peter Söderbaum Professor of Ecological Economics,School of Business, Mälardalen University,Author of Ecological Economics. 'A Political Economics Approach to Sustainability Assessment'

Professor Andrew Sayer University of Lancaster a leading sociologist, The moral economy and how it compliments green economics

Proffessor Lzalso Zlonai from Hungary on the role of economics and Buddhist economcs

Several eminent Professors from China, details here shortly

Several eminent professors from Nigeria -details here shortly

Anthony Alexander, Philosophy of science:The influence of older and also of non western philosophies(Yin and Yang) and the overall shaping of our world views through 2000 years of western philosophy

Poverty prevention theme<> Professor Jack Reardon Professor of Economics Winsconsin, USA. Main stream issues and the need to green the economics discipline...Poverty prevention and economics.

Ulrich Loening founder of Centre for Human Ecology.

Dr Peter Doran Political economy University of Belfast "Green Economics, political economy and the Green Project." Energy issues

Dr J. Ram Pillarisetti

from Brunei, Economics Green Economics and Climate Change

Dr Pushpendra Singh Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal(MP), India.Air conditioning issues in the context of the energy and carbon crisis in developing countries. The Bhopal Experience

Special Focus on China

Holger Schlor Germany Dr. Holger Schlör, Dipl.-Volksw.,Research Centre Jülich Institute of Energy Research (IEF),Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation (STE),

Michael Gell,"Climate-Driven Step Change - Action Plan for Business & Industry". A programme and method for business and industry to deliver step-change reduction in energy consumption and emissions. Or "Business Not As Usual". Joan Watson Former Financial Controller Carlton TV and now State of Flux Consultancy on Ethical and Green Funds speaks on China and Sustainability

Campaigning and economics

Matt Templeton Forum for the Future Scholar and Martin Grimshaw Greenspeak and Brighton University,Analysing campaigning methodology from the perspective of beneficial outputs of green economics: Getting the message across successfully:

Dr Kaihsu Tai,Young Chemist of the year Oxford University, "Green philosophy" Feminism and Green Economics

with Poppy Villiers -Stuart, Course Director for Brighton, University of Sussex

Supply chain special theme

With David Rabey Director DEFRA procurement

Darren Ford and others from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply ;

Sustainable Supply Chains and Corporate social responsibility and diversity,

Graham Collins Proquest Diversity in Procurement, sourcing and supply chain

Speakerswill include:-

P> Miriam Kennet Director Green Economics Institute, Environmental Change Institute, Mansfield College, Oxford University, Volker Heinemann Goettinghen University Director/ Co-Founder Green Economics GEI

Dr Joseph Somevi Environmental Impact Assessment Specialist from Ghana and Oxford University Environmental Change Institute

Philip Hutchinson Manchester Metropolitan University Philosopher The philosophy of green economics and activism

Dr Fatima De Ferreiro Lisbon Portugal Land and property rights, can property really be owned?

Andrew Mearman University of Bristol.Post Keynsian economics Victor Anderson Senior Practising Policy Economist and Author alternative indicators Liza Griffin

Stakeholder issues and the power politics of Fisheries Dr Pritam Singh

Contradictory dimensions of Third World poverty/ global sustainability: Implications for Green economics

John Stewart, Head of Transport 2000 and HACAN clear skies speaks about aviation

Chris Keene University of East Anglia,Critiques of Various carbon trading schemes to be confirmed Chit Chong Futurity and intergenerational equity

This conference must be pre-booked, pre-registered and pre-paid. Fees are £45 per person per day to include all fees and lunches but not supper or breakfast or accomodation, please email for details of these if required.Discount to £39 per person per day if booking for 2 days together.

Please email Miriam Kennet, to request a registration form and further information and for admission fees.

or visit our website for full details of fees

Doctoral Workshop With Dr Pritam Singh

Places for doctoral workshop must be pre-booked, and pre- registered. Applications are by submission of academic paper only of 6 sides. Please email the institute with your abstract

This conference must be pre-booked, pre-registered and pre-paid Fees likely to be around £45 plus acomodation and evening meals.Please download booking form from the left hand tab of this website and email to us to reserve a place and send in your cheque

Please email Miriam Kennet,Insitutute Director to request a registration form and further information and for admission fees.

or visit our website for full details of fees


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