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Students Placements Programmes 2016 Just launched! Apply now for 2017 Study Placements- 1, 3 or 6 months 2015
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 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Keynote Speakers
 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Keynote Speakers
 Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty Book Our team of young Green Economists enjoying our Education Programmes and PhDs and Masters in Green Economics. Education with the Green Economics Institute.
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The Green Economics Institute

The Green Economics Institute aims to explore new aspects of the political economy and of economics, theory, policy making and practise. It is part of the Green Family of Political Foundations.

It brings together Economics Innovation with Green or Environmental Innovation. It works to create an atmosphere in Europe, and beyond, which fosters future thinking and solutions to todays problems especially in Economic Policy and works for a ‘Renaissance in Economic Thinking'. It works across boundaries and so is especially keen on networking and linking its people and ideas together. Most of its projects work beyond the border of one country bringing together people from all walks of life.

As 90 % of its activities are in a European beyond border context it is especially keen to foster and work and partner with organisations which can provide the European Framework which enables The Green Economics Institute to do its work such as ENOP, which it regards as uniquely important.

The activities and services it offers include:

1.The Green Economics Institute Publishing House which has produced 50 attractive and innovative Books and edited volumes and 30 Academic Proceedings from its conferences and Manuals from its Training Courses, which have included highly commended, Youth In Action EU courses.

2. Speaches. Our Speakers-and lecturers consist of a range of world class speakers from all around Europe and the world who attend all sorts of events many in Parliaments around Europe as advisors and speakers, and other provide University Lectures or after dinner speakers. We also are represented at World Summits, such as the COP Kyoto Conferences to which we have our own delegation and at The Rio + 20 Conference where we ran 4 very well attended side events.

3. Research and Reports - some presented to Select Committee Members at the House of Commons eg The Greening of Transport. The Built Environment, The Rural Urban Fringe.

Working with partners on a range of campaigning topics such as Greening the Economy of Europe, The Greening of the Mediterranean, The Greening of Italy, The Greening of Eastern Europe: Crisis and Recovery. The Greening of IT and Big Data.

4. A range of Student Education Programmes-and Professional Qualification, Degrees with University Partners. We also provide regular in house training or lecturers for local and national government -eg Uk Cabinet Office or The Treasury, or other countries in Green Issues and the complexity of the Green Economy and Green Jobs and Green Careers. The Institute has taken part in the European Unions Erasmus Programme, hosting and educating students, every year since it was founded 10 years ago.

5. Regular Conferences, field trips, and other events - mostly held at Oxford University on a variety of themes but the main one annually addresses the development of Green Economics and The Green Economy.

6. Philosophical and methodological innovation in Economics to make it more responsive to todays needs. The Philosophical Basis of the Green Movement. The Philosophy of Social and Environmental Justice.

7. Membership- we are also a membership organisation and we organise events for our members. Members include Nobel Prize winning economists, scientists and also editors of Magazines such as The Economist. We have a members' magazine called The Green Economist.

8 Academic Journal, Miriam Kennet our Director, founded 10 years ago (now in volume 9 issue 2 -2015), The International Journal of Green Economics with academic publisher Inderscience and this journal is accepted as founding the globally recognised brand of Green Economics.

9. Awareness raising of the need to change and improvement in Economics and the economy. Our Charitable Trust, The Green Economics Institute Trust works to raise awareness and knowledge: providing education to a wide range of people about the issues we work on.

10. Awards and Recognition:

a) Honour Award for Green Business given by the Minister for Trade in Luxembourg (Miriam Kennet Director)

b) 100 Most powerful unseen women globally who make change happen. Awarded by One World Action: Business category (Miriam Kennet Director)

c) Alumna of the Month, South Bank University( Miriam Kennet Director)

d) Runners up in the Golden Gown Education Awards for Excellence, (Judith Felton, Miriam Kennet, Volker Heineman and the Green Economics Institute)

e) One of ‘200 visionaries' in 100 words, 200 visionaries by William Murtha.(Miriam Kennet Director)

f) Invited to Prince Charles and Joschka Fischer to the Langenburg Conference.(Miriam Kennet)

g) Invitation from President of Russia (Volker Heinemann)

h) Invitation to visit Chinese Government (Miriam Kennet)

i) Invited to speak in the French Senat, The English House of Commons, The Scottish Parliament and the Austrian Parliament, The European Parliament. (Miriam Kennet)

j) Member of Government Leadership Training Team (Miriam Kennet)

k) Trainer in Uk Cabinet Office Training (Miriam Kennet)

l) Attending USA United Nations Conference on Climate Change: (Director: Michelle S Gale de Oliveira and David Hodgeson)

m) Green Economics Institute's Delegation to the COP Kyoto Climate Conferences including forthcoming COP21 Paris. December 2015. (Miriam Kennet, Michelle S Gale de Oliveira, Volker Heinemann, joined by others for each conference)

0) Appeared on BBC Politics Show (Miriam Kennet)

p) Speaker at Oxford and Cambridge Club in Pall Mall addressing Oxford and Cambridge Allumni (Miriam Kennet), Speakers to Oxford University PPE Society ( Miriam Kennet and Volker Heinemann), Speakers at the University of Bolzano Italy (Miriam Kennet and Volker Heinemann, Speaker at the University of Skopje FYRO Macedonia (Michelle S Gale de Oliveira),

q)lectured to Chinese Health Diplomatic Delegation (Miriam Kennet, Councillor David Williams, Dr Katherine Kennet)

r) Deputy Mayor of Oxford: Councillor Craig Simmons (Editorial board of the International Journal of Green Economics)

s) IPCC Report Lead Author, awarded Nobel Prize, (Professor Graciela Chichilnisky on Editorial Board of the International Journal of Green Economics)

t)Minister in French Government (Pascale Canfin, Founding Group of our Editorial Board of our Academic Board)

u) Invited by Scottish Parliament to speak about the economy (Miriam Kennet)

v) Attended European Central Bank core strategy meeting (Miriam Kennet)

x) Attending Bank of England discussions to update Economics Practise and Education.(Miriam Kennet)

y) Invited by Ban Ki Moon as one of the worlds top leaders on Climate Change to his special conference in New York at the United Nations Headquarters.(Miriam Kennet)

z) Speaker at the Stockholm + 40 Sustainability Conference and guest in the Nobel Hall in Stockholm (Miriam Kennet)

-- The Green Economics Institute

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