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Interns & Young People

Internship and scholars and students programmes with the Green Economics Institute Spring and Summer 2015

The Green Economics Institute is currently recruiting NOW for 2015 work placement and interns and Visiting Scholars and students of all ages and backgrounds to start now and throughout 2015.

We have several different programmes.

These include

a) Programme for academic excellence development including publishing in our books and academic journal

b) administrative work experience course: helping us run our Institute and getting lots of very varied experience, including presenting, representing the Institute, running our conferences, trainings and events and getting out and about attending other events.

c) Visiting and research scholars who write and contribute to Research.

d) Remote interns working with us daily but from remote locations or in many countries in the world and they publish with us and take a full part in the institute

e) Interns from countries with low or lower Purchasing Power Parity who cant afford to pay for the Internship but get involved in all aspects of the Institute's work. We specialise in Interns for this programme from Africa and from Eastern Europe and parts of Asia.

Most of our interns present at conferences and get to lecture and teach and speak at a very high level and several represent us at COP and other world class events for example at United Nations Sustainable Development Conferences where we have our own delegations.Nearly all have their work published.

Please email us to register your interest at and and we will contact you with further information.

Lots of Photos of our Interns Programme


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