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Membership Of the Green Economics Institute Trust's International Network 2017

We are delighted to welcome new members in 2017

To join the Green Economics Institute Trusts International Network and to help with our work, Our Membership Application Details and Payments Form is

We now have full Giftaid Charity Status which we are delighted to announce. Therefore we are asking this year 2017 that all members join, the Green Economics Institute Trust- paying either via Paypal or into our

Charity Bank Account.If you are a UK Tax payer please also fill in the governments Giftaid Form so that we can increase your membership donation by 20% which all helps with our work and to fund our activities and increase our effectiveness. One form covers all your payments to us. Please email to ask for the form. We will be uploading it here too shortly but in the meantime please email us to request it. Our Charity Bank Account Details are Please email us for details of how to pay- best is via paypal or BACS bank transfer.

Membership is £60 a calendar year per person in 2017 or for 2 persons if in the same household. Our Membership form and Payments details are available here: For information and a joining form:

Membership of The Green Economics Institute

2017 Membership Form for The Green Economics Institute Trust International Network 2017.

Join our Green Economics Institute Trust Committees

From 2017 all paid up members will be invited to apply to join our Committees. If you would like to join one of our committees, please send in your cv to

and mark the heading Committee Application.

.Please outline why you are interested in a particular committee what you would like to achieve and also give the names and contact details of 3 Professional Referees as well.

We are delighted to receive applications. Some of the committees are already full but most are new and so we will be very pleased to receive applications. The Assembly and the Executive will decide from the applications which are most suited to the work the committee is currently planning to do.

The Committees are as follows:

The Green Economics Institute Assembly

Including international network and branch offices, all officers will be named and non transferable

10 members

The Executive of the Institute

12 members

Books Committee

10 Members but we have a writers bank of over 2000 regular writers on all kinds of subjects. If you would like to join our

Writers Panel Bank

please apply by emailing with your cv and 3 referees and a covering letter.

Membership and Subscriptions and Membership Services Committee

5 Members

Academic Committee

5 Members. This runs our

Examinations Board

and our

Academic Proceedings Scrutinty Panel

and our

Education Committee and Studies Group

This team is involved at all levels with our courses. From one day courses, examinations, teaching students, students on study placements for 1 day, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year as well we people attending 1 week courses, and the levels are from undergraduate, Professional Examinations, Awards and Qualifications, Certified Attendances at our our conferences, teaching at top Universities around the world, teaching and training government staff around the world, Leadership Training, Government Leadership Training at the Highest Levels, Post Graduate, Masters and PhD courses as well as Post Doctoral Supervision and our Master Classes for high ranking Economists, Nobel Prize Winners, Kings, Princes, and anyone else who needs bespoke, or in house or group training in our unique innovations in Economics and Implementing the Green Economy in which we are world leaders.

Our Wide Range of Courses include:

Our Range of Study Programmes include the following Options

(Most of our courses are suitable for Erasmus Plus, CPD, University Accreditation  etc. Please ask us how the courses meet your own particular requirements).

1.      Charity Work Experience with our Green Economics Institute Trust

2.      Work Placement for Work Experience, administration, management, conference running, marketing, writing, editing, books. Public speaking, lecturing.

3.      Academic Internship or study placements. Writing or editing academic work – our academic journal, our conference proceedings

4.      Books and publishing  writing, editing, production, reviewing

5.      Conference and event administration and management

6.      Professional Examinations and qualifications

7.      Short 1-2 -3 short courses and 5 day Depth Programmes Courses

8.      Remote study from home

9.      Remote work placement from home

10.   Remote academic study from home

11.   Post Graduate Study 1-2-3- 6  months supervised study

12.   Undergraduate course (This option is in development and we can send details to you)

13.   Masters Programme – currently in development and we will send you details

14.   PhD Programme – currently in development and we will send you details

15.   One book of your academic study – for Publication with the Institute

16.   Open Book Examinations with certified Conference Attendance

17.   Continuous Professional Education (CPD) Events throughout the year- please ask for dates and details

18.   Internships- a formal taught course which works as a  bridge  between college and the world of work (Very popular course with over 400 students having gone through the programme.)

19.   Career planning and tasting placements.

20.   Erasmus Plus - internships and study placements (Our most popular course)

21.   Post Doctoral Study, Research and Writing.

22.   European Union Youth in Action Courses with partners delivering it together. Please enquire if you’d like to partner for our next course

23.   Bespoke in house courses- we have run these and training in such varied environments as the UK Cabinet Office,  Montenegro, Venice International University, Oxford, Berlin and many other places for many organisations, the International Labour Organisation of Trade Unions.

24.   Supervised Research and innovation leading to a report or book or other publication and a public event.

25.   Writing – learning to write –with formal tuition and supervision  – leading to Publication of your writing  in our books.

26.   Dissertation Supervision for your course

Journals Committee consisting of our Academic Journal, our Green Economist Magazine and our new Open Source Website

10 Members

Social media and Marketing Committee

5 Members

Students Management and Teaching

5-10 Members

Research and Reports Committee

5 Members

Campaigns Committee 5 members plus -

Subcommittees with 4 people each include:

a) Transport

b) women diversity inclusion

c) biodiversity environmental water trees polllution, air water soil etc

d) Reform of economics, banking & finance, green jobs, implementing a green economy

e) Climate change + energy

f) food. supply chains. Farming,rural urban housing, air soil

g) health, care older people, mental health, greening the NHS

h) Poverty, homelessness etc

I) recycling, consumption lower growth

j) technology GreenIT

k) international trade, corporate issues, power TTIP

Green Economics Institute Trust Board

20 Trustees ( this Trust is currently full with people waiting, please ask to join the waiting list- as we always recruit from our waiting list for our 20 trustees and 5 formal advisors)

Investment and Financials, Crowd Funding and Fund Raising, Bids and Grants Committee, Annual Reports etc

5- 10 Members

Events and Conferences Committee

5-10 Members

Green Consultants Panel Bank

If you would like to join our Green Consultants Panel Bank please email with a CV, a covering email and 3 referees. Please also attach your literature so we can understand what you do


Speakers and Lecturers Committee

There are 5 Members of the Committee, but many more active team members and speakers and lecturers on our

Speaker, Panel Members, After Dinner Speakers, Keynote Speakers


Teacher and Lecturer and Trainer Panel Bank

. If you would like to participate please send in your cv with a covering email and 3 Professional References.

Some of our activities at the Green Economics Institute

Slide Show of some of our activities of The Green Economics Institute.

By joining the Institute you help enable work towards changing economics, and your support goes towards reforming economics. Our members are invited to events and to be involved at all levels of the Green Economics Institute. When you join please ensure you speak to our management about how you would like to get involved in our campaigns, our writing, our policy making and our events and education. We offer our Professional Qualifications, education and training at all levels too for career enhancement.

P Please join the Institute as this helps us with our work of reforming the very basis of current economics and getting governments around the world to adopt these changes towards a more progressive, equitable and transparent world. Please fill in the membership form and email it to us at

Paid up members are invited events we hold from time to time at the House of Commons at which we launch new books and projects with the head of the relevant special committee in Parliament. We will be running a similar high profile event in 2016.

 Our conference at Oxford University July 2012

Our official speaker panel at The United Nations Conference "RIO +20 Sustainable Development Summit" in RIO Brazil in June 2012.

Do join us at our 12th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics Conference at Oxford University June 10th 11th 12th 2017. We would like all our members to come to the Anniversary celebrations, dinner, party and conference as well as a short holiday we are organising, see the calendar of events for 2017. Email for more information and we will be writing to all members with all the details.

Green Economics Graduates enjoying our courses


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